Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30

Yay!! Got my SmartBand Talk SWR30 from Sony Malaysia. I’ve paired it with a loan unit of Z3 Compact using NFC. Some say the Z3 Compact is the peer competitor to iPhone 6. My SmartBand Talk SWR30 works great with the Z3 Compact. So far so good… (Thumbs up). NFC = Near Field Communication, in case you are wondering, like me when I first heard bout it. Hehehe…

First, I was quite impressed with its curved screen and the display is using the recent e-ink technology. Curved screen makes it easier for view from a slanted angle. This e-ink technology is new to me. One of the advantages of this e-ink display is that it makes it sunlight readable or viewable. I don't need to go under a tree or shade in order to check out the current time and date. It’s convenient and it is on the go!

Another good thing about this e-ink technology is the very low energy consumption for display. This enables my SmartBand Talk SWR30 to last up to 72 hours, give and take. Other than that, it gives me an hour of talk time lying in my bed, chatting with my “best friend”. Mind that I don't need to hand held my physical phone next to my ear, as SmartBand Talk is handsfree, it has a built-in speaker and microphone in it. Cool stuff!

Well, did I wear it to sleep? Oh yes! It is very light weighted, as I can’t actually feel the 0.024Kg of it. In fact, I wore it during my shower time and… Swimming time! It’s water resistance, or I should say water-proof! Don't worry, be happy to swim in a pool of 1.5 meter deep. In technical term - IP68, which Sony has achieved the record holding, highest specification of handsfree band to date.

Talking about water-proof, I’ve done a little read up about it out of curiosity from this site called I learned that the first digit “6” is defined as the complete protection against contact, protection from infiltration of dust, and the second digit “8” means protection against complete, continuous submersion in water. So, it’s dust-proof and water-proof. Nice!

It’s Mother’s Day today… I called her while I was in the car. Thanks to my Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30. It was loud and clear… She can hear me saying “I love you, mommy” through my SmartBand. I got emotional hearing her motherly voice. Such a precious moment I wont easily forget. Well, I didn't need to dangerously search for my mobile phone inside my handbag while the car is moving, it is already connected to my SmartBand on my wrist.

Besides making calls, it shows notifications and displays even Emoji from my Whatsapp and Facebook messages! It’s so cool! I can have even my Instagram notifications shown on it…
Also, there is a function called – Voice Control. I just needed to tap on my SmartBand screen and talk near the tiny microphone hole on the side. I give the instruction and tasks are executed.

Other that making call, Sony’s Voice Control function covers information like:

- “What's the time now?”
- “Check miss call.”
- “Wake me up at 8 morning.”
- “What’s next in my calendar?”
- “Check SMS.”
- “Find my phone.”
- “Check battery level.”
- “What’s the weather like today?”

Let me tell you something, the weather forecast (powered by is quite accurate. True enough, it was really raining and thankfully I’ve already made sure there is an umbrella in the vehicle.

You should try out SmartBand Talk SWR30 yourself! It’s fun!

Last thing I would like to highlight is this cool Lifelog feature. It’s the “in” thing nowadays, a current trend that lingers in the conversation of my friends. Especially those friends that like to run or those that like to hit the gym. I first heard about such device from one of my friends that recently bought a Xiaomi Mi Band, bragging about his longest deep sleep ever. Well, I can have my own record now because I’ve already got my Lifelog App downloaded into my phone. I can do stuff like setting goals for my steps, my walk and run, my calories burned and to track my very important beauty sleep. Now, what you see here is one of my good rested Sundays:

Or I could also check out my total sleeping hours from the tracking summary from my wristband. From the photo below, you can actually see the figure 05:56 explains that I am sleep deprived due to rushing of assignment the other day:

Well, I am now in the midst of exploring Lifelog as I now begin to think that it could help me to realize the health of my physical body everyday. The double “F” - Figure is vital, fitness too!

That’s all for now… shall see y’all in my next review!

Thanks again to Sony Malaysia!